Virginia to Strike a Blow at Online Gambling

Is Virginia leaning towards a draconian ban a la Washington State?

Even though there seems to be a trend among some U.S. states to take initiatives for legalization of intrastate online gambling, others tend to occupy a completely opposite stand, and Virginia is definitely inclined to become one of them.

Namely, State politician Clifford L. Athey Jr has introduced a proposal that all forms of internet gambling, from lotteries to ‘sweepstake’ style action at internet cafes, should be made illegal. However, he doesn’t exactly suggest imposing a Washington-state style ban on the actual players.

The development with this bill is that it has already passed the General Assembly. According to it, if a game strives to be legal, its purpose must in no way be related with illegal gambling.

Some of Athey’s supporters include state Senator Obenshain and Delegate Oder, who have introduced companion bills HB1700 and HB1584 and Senate Bill 1195, proposing a ban of online casino gambling in Virginia, at the same time allowing restaurants to offer Internet time and games that do not involve gambling.

With such a bill, if it is passed, owners of venues trying to use loopholes in the current legislation to offer sweepstakes-type video gambling in the state will be prosecuted by enforcement agencies.…